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World Vision Charity Answers the Call to RingCentral Office

October 04, 2016

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

It's easily one of the largest Christian charities on the face of the Earth, and though it's seen its share of controversy in the past, it's hard to deny that it's moving a lot of goods, people, and resources around the planet. That means a clear demand for the best in communications, and a large part of the reason why World Vision stepped up its communications game by bringing in RingCentral Office.

Essentially, World Vision was looking for a cloud-based solution that could help connect the often widely-scattered elements of its operation. Since RingCentral Office offers not only voice and video contact methods, but also short message service (SMS) operations, conferencing tools, and online meetings from the same platform, that made it a prime target for World Vision.

With over 1,000 users involved in World Vision operations, several points were required in order to meet World Vision's expectations. World Vision wanted to replace a legacy system—actually, nine separate systems, as World Vision infrastructure architect Randy Boyd noted—that was at its end-of-life stages. Since the old system was expensive and difficult to manage, and only offered limited added value, World Vision wanted a system that could offer more and require less. That made RingCentral Office a great choice, thanks to its array of services, its ease of deployment and management, and the fact that it integrated easily with Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Azure improved value on the whole process.

RingCentral's senior vice president of worldwide sales Ryan Azus commented “World Vision's IT team is highly dedicated to providing quality services to its workforce. By moving their communication infrastructure to the cloud, they can focus on their core mission, which is to serve children in need throughout the world. We’re excited to help World Vision modernize their communications solutions by replacing their legacy on-premise systems, and tapping the power of RingCentral’s cloud to enable them to work flexibly and communicate more effectively.”

Connecting over 1,000 people worldwide isn't an easy task, and it requires the right kind of system to pull such a feat off. Remember that World Vision was effectively looking to replace nine separate systems with just one, and the fact that RingCentral could step in and do the job of nine systems is something of a minor miracle. Sure, these may have been legacy end-of-life systems, potentially 20 years old even, but replacing nine for one is a great deal by most any standard. RingCentral, meanwhile, now has an impressive marketing feather in its cap, able to point out not only that it's delivering for a major global charity initiative, but what it did in the process.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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