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Impact Telecom Joins Forces with VANAD Group

August 18, 2016

By Alicia Young - Web Editor

Impact Telecom, a global provider of business cloud communications solutions to carriers, businesses and homes, announced today that it has joined forces with VANAD Group. This new partnership will allow Impact Telecom to offer its customers the innovative VANAD Aloha customer engagement and cloud contact center platform—a decision that is ideal for customers.

VANAD Aloha is an omni-channel contact center solution that enables companies to provide the best possible customer service. It’s a cloud solution that offers several integration options and functionalities, including workforce management, quality management, voice recording, performance monitoring and customer-satisfaction research. The solution also supports multiple communication channels.

This partnership is incredibly ideal for customers, as it puts consumers first and focuses on their needs. There will now be a complete cloud based voice and multi-channel contact center solution for businesses handling a multitude of customer interactions.

Don Kinison, SVP Commercial Services at Impact Telecom, touched on the importance of this partnership by saying, “In today’s mobile environment, customers want the option to contact businesses via a multitude of channels and on their own terms…VANAD Aloha is the perfect complement to Impact Telecom’s cloud business communications lineup because it enables businesses to efficiently and intelligently manage those customer interactions across all platforms, whether voice, email, chat, or social.”

Meanwhile, Daniel van den Hoven, VP at VANAD Aloha said, “We’ve noticed that companies operating within the customer service market are replacing their existing telephone and contact center applications with cloud solutions. VANAD Aloha, in combination with Impact Telecom offers a state-of-the-art total solution. The partnership with Impact Telecom is for VANAD Aloha strategic. With their knowledge and success in the U.S. market if offers us the best Partnership we can wish for.”

It looks like both companies have unique strengths to offer to the new partnership. These skill-sets combined with a strong focus on customer satisfaction are bound to spell success for the organizations.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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