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Teen Provides Telephony Service With Virtual PBX

July 19, 2016

By Michael Guta - Contributing Writer

One of the greatest benefits of cloud technology is that it allows small businesses or even individuals to compete in the different IT segments. Case in point is 17-year-old Seth Thompson, a North Baltimore student, who owns Panda Technologies LLC., a computer repair and web services company. He is using virtual PBX to deliver telephony services to his customers, which has allowed him to provide comprehensive IT solutions.

As reported by Marie Thomas Baird of the Sentinel-Tribune, Thompson provides hosting and designing websites, desktop installation, website development, server installation, analytics and telecommunications from the basement of his parents’ home.

According to Baird, the new virtual PBX telecommunication system he has in place delivers services that are much cheaper than local providers with free nationwide calling and call forwarding. And just like many small businesses, he places high priority on customer service by addressing the issues his customers face personally. He told Baird, "I guarantee all my help. If they need anything they call me. I have wonderful customer service. I am able to inform them in a way they understand."

Thompson's entrepreneurial spirit and cloud technology is a great example of how anyone can start a business, even in their parents’ basement, to deliver communication solutions that can compete with larger companies.

Virtual PBX systems are part of a hosted PBX which allows businesses to transmit incoming calls and route them to the appropriate destinations. Calls that come in may be routed to land lines, cell phones and VoIP extensions, which is an invaluable feature in today's collaborative environment, where the workforce can be anywhere. And unlike a hosted PBX solution, virtual PBXs are cheaper and easier to maintain.

Depending on the type of service you deploy, virtual PBX can offer a wide range of features that gives small businesses the same options as large enterprises. This includes first touch features that leave an impressive first impression to callers with Custom Greetings, Auto-Attendant and Automated Directory.

The employees of the business can also use how the calls they receive are handled with personal preferences such as Do-Not-Disturb, Follow-Me Calling, Outbound Caller ID, as well as flexible device management. Calls can also be routed intelligently to provide customers with information as to when they are available by stating business and holiday hours or if the business is closed.

With the right initiative and know-how, the available technology in today's digital environment makes it possible for almost anyone to deploy a viable communications business: Seth Thompson has proven that.

Edited by Alicia Young


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