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XO Communications Steps Up Hosted PBX Options

April 18, 2016

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

The virtual private branch exchange (PBX) system means a wealth of benefits in improved communications and collaboration operations, but the virtual PBX requires regular new developments to help ensure that the most is being realized from the technology. XO Communications recently brought out one such new development, stepping up its hosted PBX options by making it more readily integrated with several popular tools already on the market.

Thanks to XO Communications' modifications, its systems now work with several major customer relationship management (CRM) tools like Salesforce, and even work with Skype for Business. That helps drive user adoption by adding new and useful features, particularly when it comes to the CRM connection. With a communications tool built right into a CRM system, users no longer have to exit one tool and open another to make a call, but rather can call directly from the CRM itself. Plus, all the information about the customer is in place, meaning that the callers get the necessary information to make a better connection with the target, improving the likelihood of a better customer experience and, from there, return business.

With the XO hosted PBX service running on its own network—considered by many to be both secure and reliable—the service can run on several different platforms, including the standard desktop phone and expanding well beyond that point. Desktop PCs and mobile devices can all get in on the action, and the service now supports video conferencing as well as the ability to invite users not specifically using the hosted PBX platform. That means extra versatility and usefulness within a wide variety of use cases, and the ability to better bring all of a company's operations under one central banner.

Demand for virtual PBX systems in general is heading upward lately. Users are increasingly finding a more palatable proposition afoot in turning to more virtual systems instead of shelling out the costs of keeping necessary hardware. It's making sense to many firms out there to use virtual systems, and that means more development in general. Better yet, XO Communications' tools in this market don't just satisfy the growing demand for virtual communications, but also the growing demand for improvements in CRM and delivering better customer experiences as well.

There's a lot of value in what XO Communications is doing here, and that value goes beyond the basics of the virtual PBX. That makes it a welcome development in general, and one that should prove well-received by the user base.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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