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Zultys Inks Master Agent Agreement with Computer Telephony Distributing to Sell Cloud Services

April 06, 2016

By David Delony - Contributing Writer

Zultys, a Unified Communications provider, has announced a new partnership with Computer Telephony Distributing (CTD) as a master agent for.

CTD will become a master agent for Zultys’ Agent Channel program. The focus will be on Zultys Cloud Service virtual PBX, which offers voice, instant messaging, email and presence through the cloud. It also offers functions that have been typically handled by on-premises solutions: call recording, contact center features and voicemail, among others.

"Our experience working with CTD has been a pleasure for both sides, and we are excited to embark in another direction with CTD and their customers by offering them the power of Zultys Cloud Services," said Justin Bush, vice president of agent sales at Zultys.

Under the agreement, CTD will act as a matchmaker, offering businesses more competitive rates on Zultys’ services than they could get by negotiating on their own. Zultys also benefits from having wider access to customers than they could also get if sales staff had to rely on their own contacts. CTD focuses on virtual PBX and cloud services.

In addition to master agent services, CTD also offers sales, technical support, product warehousing, fulfillment and other professional services.

A master agent like CTD is well equipped to handle the brave new world of cloud telecommunications. CTD cited the virtual PBX features of Zultys Cloud Services, saying that they gave them an edge over its competition.

"As Zultys’ longest standing Distributor, the depth of our knowledge in sales and support is unmatched.  The fact that the Cloud Services option is exactly like the customer premise product, it gives CTD and Zultys a much stronger offering than generic hosted platforms without features," said John Groce, vice president of Sales at CTD.

Zultys has also attracted praise closer to home. TMC’s CUSTOMER and Internet Telephony magazines have both given Zultys Cloud Services as Product of the Year award earlier this year.

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