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GAWK Expands Cloud Communication Capabilities with Acquisition of Connexum

February 04, 2016

By Frank Griffin - Contributing Writer

In the ICT sector continual growth requires key acquisitions to help a company move to the next phase of their development. Everyone from Intel to Facebook has used this strategy to stay ahead of their competition while remaining relevant in a rapidly evolving industry. GAWK, Inc., a provider of cloud communications, cloud connectivity, cloud computing and managed cloud-based applications solutions for SMBs, enterprises and carriers globally, has made such an acquisition to expand its cloud communication capabilities and increase its revenue.

The acquisition of Connexum LLC, a telecommunications carrier that provides wholesale services, call center termination and business services such as hosted PBX and telephony hardware, has dramatically changed GAWK into a more viable company in the segment. In addition to the wide range of services and products Connexum brings to the table, GAWK will almost triple its annual revenue from $2 million to just under $6 million.

The Connexum network is designed from the ground up to provide solutions for businesses of any size no matter how large the traffic. It uses technology that self-repairs and scales quickly to address demand for virtually unlimited capacity.

The company delivers superior quality and reliability by interconnecting with major Tier 1 network providers with a national footprint covering the U.S. domestic market. This includes product lines geared to ITPS’s and hosted PBX providers with significant percentages of traffic derived from small business’s serving local markets and residential users.

The foot print of this service is reduced and specifically designed for traffic qualifying under LCADS as local based on ANI and DNIS. This makes the ideal platform for hosted PBX providers. As local small businesses deploy hosted and virtual PBX services for comprehensive enterprise grade communications solutions, GAWK will continue to increase its presence in the cloud sector.

According Scott Kettle, CEO of GAWK, "We now are also a Full Service business class telecom provider, providing Hosted PBX services, competing directly with 8X8, Vonage, and other market leaders. Our new software development team will accelerate our time to market with new, innovative features and customized solutions that our customers need, now and into the future."

This is GAWK's third acquisition in the past two years, with WebRunners, Inc., a California-based data center, on October 31, 2014, and asset purchase of NetD Consulting, Inc. on May 1, 2015. The company is still look for additional assets, Kettle said, "We are moving forward with negotiations for several data centers we have identified in the Midwest and on the East Coast."

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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