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Axiros Manages Swisscom's ACS Upgrade

October 28, 2015

By Michael Guta - Contributing Writer

As part of the overall services telecoms provide, VoIP has become an essential offering. For Swisscom, managing its enterprise VoIP meant integrating the complex systems it had in place, which is why the company selected Axiros’ AXESS. ACS.

Access control systems perform a wide range of functions so operators can manage their infrastructure, the services they provide and their customers more efficiently. After the successful implementation of the AXESS. ACS, Axiros was able to orchestrate the ACS upgrade for Swisscom so it can manage its enterprise and business VoIP customers.

Because VoIP provides a platform with many communication solutions, operators must ensure they work as designed for each customer. Whether it is a virtual PBX system capable of handling tens of thousands of calls, or a simple installation with just a few users, the service must be available with the same reliability.

With a single platform, Axiros provides customer premise equipment (CPE) management and back office provisioning. This includes edge and core SBCs, softswitches, VoIP session controllers, combox management, billing systems and other VoIP-related carrier equipment. This has allowed Swisscom to implement its complex service delivery and management flows with the flexibility and scalability it needs for today’s communications services, while ensuring reliability with the large number of installed equipment of the company.

According to Axiros, Swisscom had more than ten systems and devices from different manufacturers, including MITEL, Panasonic, Cisco and Media5. Now the company can integrate and manage existing devices as well as add new ones with a self-service portal that allows customers to configure the device over the Web.

From here on, the company will be able to carry-out initialization, reconfiguration, firmware downloads and general real-time subscriber support remotely through a self-service portal. The automated solution not only saves valuable time, but it also delivers noticeable cost savings.

“With Axiros high-flexibility and our open technology – meaning that we support any device vendor – plus our automation of complexity, enabling support team management and monitoring of this environment, Swisscom was able to utilize AXESS.ACS management across their entire VoIP network,” commented Kurt Peterhans, CEO of Axiros.

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