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New Zealand Solutions Provider Shows Why VoIP is the SMB's Friend

September 29, 2015

By Mae Kowalke - Virtual PBX Contributor

New Zealand voice, video and IT specialists, Connect NZ, recently partnered with cloud-based VoIP provider, Vadacom, to give its SMB customers an improved communications experience.

New Zealand SMBs—like those in other countries—typically are looking for ways to improve employee productivity, boost the customer experience, and enable mobility. Cloud-based VoIP solutions fit the bill nicely.

That’s because VoIP solutions such as those offered by Vadacom and others such as Nextiva enable automated call forwarding to cut down on phone tag and missed calls. VoIP makes mobile conference calling much easier, and helps employees take their business phone systems with them no matter where they are working.

The price doesn’t hurt, either.

Cloud-based business VoIP solutions are startlingly value-priced when compared with traditional PBX systems.

Nextiva, for instance, offers business phone solutions that start as low as $19.95 per month and come with unlimited domestic calling and cheap international rates. There’s no hardware to purchase, either, unless the business wants to invest in VoIP handsets such as those offered by Polycom. And since the VoIP solution is in the cloud, there’s no PBX to maintain; say goodbye to the telephone closet!

At the same time, these business VoIP systems don’t sacrifice on features.

From call recording and high definition hold music to interactive voice response and silent call barging, VoIP systems are far more robust than most business phone systems they replace.

VoIP business phone systems are especially potent for SMBs, which typically cannot afford such functionality otherwise.

“NZ businesses waste hours of time and thousands of dollars on old-style phone systems from dinosaur providers,” noted Karl Rosnell, Connect NZ CEO. “We’re dedicated to helping Kiwi companies thrive through bringing the best voice, IT and video solutions together and making the technology easy to install and use.”

Business VoIP is one way that Connect NZ is helping its customers thrive.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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  Unlimited Calling & Faxing
  Number Portability
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  Instant Conference Calls
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