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REDCOM Rolls Out Infinion UC Platform

September 25, 2015

By Oliver VanDervoort - Contributing Writer

When it comes to taking advantage of the latest advances in the Unified Communications market, REDCOM is looking to strengthen its standing with the recent release of the Infinion platform. This particular set of solutions will allow customers to combine flexible calling with messaging routing capabilities. Along with the features that are included in the Infinion UC platform is a software based media server, instant messaging, presence, automated attendant and fully integrated point-to-point video.

“We thought it fitting to announce Infinion at Modern Day Marine, since the military tactical communications market wants to stack functions, not boxes,” said Dinah Weisberg, Executive Vice President at REDCOM according to Virtual Strategy Magazine. “Infinion can run on a single processor core with 1GB of RAM and a 20GB hard drive, so the user can load other VMs such as virtual routers or a video conference bridge onto the same computer. Technology that reduces the size, weight, and power consumption of field-deployed communications systems is critically important to the modern warfighter, and Infinion exemplifies this technology.”

The UC market is only growing all across the globe. That means that companies that are working in the U.K., which is leading the way in the broadband sector, are going to need the very best devices at their fingertips. When talking about a platform that is as comprehensive as Infinion is, it means that firms are only having to look to one source in order to find a solution that will help them, even if they don’t need to use every feature that is offered by REDCOM’s newest rollout.

There doesn’t appear to be a limit to the kind of market Infinion can operate, considering it offers centralized, distributed, private and public cloud as well as a hybrid development model. This flexibility means that service providers will be able to offer their customers a wide selection of VoIP products.

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