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Nextiva Announces NextOS 3.0 Availability, Offers New Cloud Phone Management Tools

September 22, 2015

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Virtual PBX Writer

There are already quite a few people out there putting Nextiva NextOS 3.0 to work, as the system has been in open beta for the last while now. But for those who have tried it and liked it, or just want to try it for the first time, there's a whole new chance to do that as Nextiva brings out the NextOS 3.0 system into a wider release that's now available.

The NextOS 3.0 system, according to reports, has completely revamped its user interface, giving rise to some useful new features that many using the Nextiva business cloud phone service will likely want to have on hand. The new interface includes an account dashboard that provides an overall look at the entire phone system, along with simplified navigation tools designed to make interacting with the system easier and more efficient.

That's not all the enhancement that NextOS 3.0 had to offer, though; the system comes with an import feature designed to add as many as 100 users at once, in rapid fashion. There's also an administration system that works from multiple locations, as well as flexible permissions options. There's even a slate of how-to videos built right into the portal itself, as well as several handy tips on how to get the most out of the system.

Nextiva's chief information officer, Josh Lesavoy, offered up some comment around the release, saying: “Since we began, our mission has been to simplify business communication, and that starts with the way companies manage their phone system. Cloud phone systems are feature-rich, but have been hard to self-manage in the past. NextOS 3.0 changes that. Businesses can quickly and easily make adjustments to their phone system in real time to support the changing needs of their organization, all while enjoying an unparalleled user experience.”

That combination of a high-end user experience and a host of useful features should ultimately prove valuable for Nextiva's users, and Nextiva itself. It's offering up a great business cloud phone service, but so too are plenty of other companies. Nextiva, meanwhile, can differentiate its product on the strength of ease of use. While other companies will be able to thus compete on the strength of more or better features, Nextiva will have access to a market that wants easy to use products, and thus won't have to be too concerned about competitors until someone else tries to make a product that's easy to use. Even then, Nextiva will have the edge of entrenched market base, making it tough for newcomers to compete.

It's a fairly clever market strategy, and one that should pay off long-term for Nextiva. But for the time being, the new NextOS 3.0 system is available, and those interested may want to get in on this while it's still available to get in on. If nothing else, it should make communications better for many firms, and there's seldom a problem with better communications.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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