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Newest enepath Partner is Market Communications

September 11, 2015

By Joe Rizzo - Virtual PBX Contributing Writer

enepath is a telecommunications service provider that uses its patented fully distributed software platform, the Adaptive Media Platform (AMP) to deliver higher levels of reliability and greater ease of implementation than has normally been seen in the Trading Room voice market.

The Adaptive Media Platform is at the heart of enepath’s solutions. It is fully distributed providing what some people feel is the best way to deliver media between users. The first implementation of the AMP has been to deliver voice in business critical environments such as the Trading Room.

A trading turret or dealer board is a specialized telephony key system that is generally used by financial traders on their trading desks. Although a great deal of trading still takes place on the trading floor, it has progressed from floor trading through phone trading to electronic trading.

Although most trading volume is now accomplished through electronic trading platforms, some phone trading persists and trading turrets are common on trading desks of investment banks. Every trader at every financial institution uses a Turret, or similar product, that manages voice communication to customers, co-workers and partners.

Financial institutions want more cost-effective integration between voice trading systems, which is where enepath comes into play with its AMP. It is with this in mind that we see a new partnership form between enepath and Market Communications, who will help to carry AMP voice solutions across Trading Centers in the U.S.

Market Communications, LLC is an information technology solution and service provider, based in New York City. The company’s goal is to provide responsive, timely and cost effective technical support resources and maintenance. It is also the largest third-party provider of Turret hardware and Turret maintenance in the U.S.

James Schlenk, who is the president of Market Communications, said “We pride ourselves on knowing this market. That’s why we had no hesitation in moving forward with enepath as a supplier and partner. They really do bring something different to the market not least their products, which change many of the old rules that existed, they add more to their offering, make it work better and are able to respond quicker.”

Eventually Market Communications will benefit from enepath’s marketing, sales and input to products and services, but as of now, the initial agreement will cover the complete range of enepath solutions including, the AMP voice trading solution, the IPX PBX solution and the Range of Turrets, including the newly launched Tablet.

enepath CEO, Stephen Phillips had the following to say about the partnership with Market Communications, “enepath are expanding quickly and, if anything, demand in the U.S. has proven more robust than even we thought. We knew that we would need partners to address all of the opportunities available and I think we have found the ideal one in Market Comm. They embody the Trading Room in New York. A deep knowledge of the customer, of all the suppliers and of the trends in the market, they do everything a Trading Room installation needs, before it all starts and after it all finishes. I expect the combination to start making an impact very very soon.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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