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NTT Picks BroadVision's Vmoso Cloud Communications App

July 09, 2015

By David Delony - Contributing Writer

Business collaboration and engagement solution provider BroadVision has announced that NTT Communications has chosen its Vmoso cloud communication application.

“I encourage anyone who is overwhelmed by too much email and multiple fragmented business tools to download the free mobile app and invite your contacts into your network,” BroadVision CEO and president Pehong Chen said. “I'm confident the unique design of Vmoso will provide time savings and improved productivity to the real work you do every day, without the all-too-familiar sense of communication overload or the all-too-real security risks posed by the proliferation of consumer applications used in the workplace."

Vmoso offers a unified view of a company’s internal communications. It includes messaging, file sharing, email and workflow features, all in one mobile application. Vmoso already serves over 100,000 users.

While Vmoso allows employees to communicate and collaborate on projects, it also offers a number of security features. Administrators can specify who has access to what features and documents across the enterprise, ensuring that confidential information stays confidential. At the same time, employees can address individuals or groups through the messaging feature.

For extra security, Vmoso offers multi-factor authentication.

Mobile communications are becoming more important to the workforce, and as NTT is a major mobile carrier itself, the need for mobile collaboration is obvious. With a growing number of companies adopting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, it’s getting more difficult for companies to unify communications across devices.

Since Vmoso supports browsers in addition to its Android and iOS apps, employees and managers can use it on just about anything, including desktops and mobile devices.

BroadVision also touts Vmoso’s ability to interface with the “Internet of Things.” The software allows even people who aren’t part of Vmoso to collaborate. A carrier like NTT is going to interact with people outside of the organization, as carriers form all kinds of partnerships.

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