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BroadSoft Partners with Voxbone for Greater Global Coverage

March 13, 2015

By Maurice Nagle - Virtual PBX Web Editor

The cloud is quite the buzz word and has been for some time. Growing adoption rates illustrate this burgeoning trend is here to stay. And with growing adoption comes growing revenue opportunity for those in the virtual PBX space. Case in point, Broadsoft, the software and services provider for cable service providers, fixed-line and mobile communications ‘improved’ its presence in the cloud with the support of Voxbone’s carrier-grade network and coverage.

Due to a ‘heavenly shift’ in the enterprise voice market and technology, CSPs have been able to use solutions like virtual PBX or unified communications as a service (UCaaS). BroadSoft has enjoyed this trend, as many have implanted its BroadClooud solution to enable said UCaas solutions. The partnership with Voxbone means that Broadcloud will now have a presence in over 5,000 cities around the globe with Voxbone’s local inbound DID numbers.

“BroadCloud’s key differentiators are its simple business work-flow and its ability to enable rapid innovation that will set our customers apart from their competition,” said Mike Wilkinson, VP Product Marketing at BroadSoft. “Voxbone complements these benefits by offering a one-stop shop for global DID numbers, real-time provisioning and number portability. These capabilities, combined with the fact that Voxbone’s services are delivered over a carrier-grade network, made them the obvious choice for us and our BroadCloud offering.”

As opposed to traditional telco service providers that would take months to obtain phone numbers, this growing partnership will result in the same only taking seconds.

Technology can be a scary change for many, especially the cloud, but much like Shakira’s hips the facts don’t lie. The cloud is more cost-friendly, scalable and reliable than past options—there’s certainly a reason why adoption rates are growing. Only time will tell how well this duo does, but it is clear that virtual PBX and its sibling cloud offerings are here to stay. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino


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