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Virtual PBX Provider Brings Wireless Gigabit Internet to Austin

January 06, 2015

By David Delony - Contributing Writer

SYSTEMSEVEN, a Texas-based Internet, voice and cloud computing provider, recently announced that it is offering wireless voice and Internet service to the Austin area. The company describes the new service as “laser-quick,” offering businesses gigabit speeds.

The provider also offers hosted and virtual PBX services, wireless Point To Point and Bring Your Own Bandwidth, where the business connects to VoIP like another Internet service. To help improve its services, such as those now available in Austin, SYSTEMSEVEN moved to H2O, a cloud-based billing and back-office solution.

"H2O has been a critical part of our gigabit expansion into Austin as it is the central system for our provisioning, billing and ticketing," said SYSTEMSEVEN CEO Keith Gard. "We became the fastest growing telecommunication company in South Texas by treating customers as more than an account number. H2O is pivotal to our ability to provide 'Amazing Customer Experiences' and 'Internet Awesomeness' to the Austin area."

While Texas might seem far from Silicon Valley, both culturally and in terms of distance, Austin has emerged as a major high tech center, thanks to the annual SXSW festival, the number of tech companies that have offices there and its proximity to the University of Texas.

SYSTEMSEVEN seems to be counting on the city’s hip cachet and high-tech culture to promote its wireless service. It’s also not the only major company trying to change the face of the Internet.

Google has also selected the city as one of the locations for its Google Fiber project, offering gigabit Internet along with TV service to residents. SYSTEMSEVEN will have to compete with Google’s 150 TV channels and throwing in a Nexus 7 tablet that acts as the remote if it wants to compete.

SYSTEMSEVEN’s advantage is that it doesn’t depend of physical cables the way Google Fiber does.

 The ferment in Internet services could very well “keep Austin weird” for some time.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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