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Contact Centers in the Cloud: Enhancing the Customer Experience Using Virtual PBX

July 09, 2014

By Daniel Brecht - Contributing Writer

For many companies, having a cloud or virtual PBX-based contact center is an appealing alternative to avoid the up-front costs that usually come with setting up an on-premises solution—such as manual upgrades and maintenance. In addition, cloud-based contact centers are better suited to meet multi-channel customer service needs with agents who can work from anywhere and can respond to customers' inquiries through inbound and outbound calls, texts, instant messaging and social media sites.

As the market grows, several options are becoming available for businesses looking for cloud call center software providers; these companies provide a number of representatives for centralized administration of services. In addition, they strive to deliver a superior customer experience, as eWEEK pointed out in a post that explains why moving to the cloud is a good option for contact centers. The move is beneficial as, in the cloud, contact centers can offer better features and services like routing, queuing, recording, quality assurance, customer relationship management (CRM); cloud call centers also offer a low-cost, flexible and scalable solution, explains in a post. End users around the world, businesses of all sizes, are adopting cloud-based contact center solutions to build continuity protection with a higher uptime guarantee; if a disaster occurs, a cloud option can move an organization quicker toward recovery.

Yet, moving to the cloud, as cloud contact center vendor Five9 points out, can also improve agent productivity, customer satisfaction, and business agility. According to eWEEK, virtual, cloud-based contact centers can employ a number of skilled and experienced agents, who can be based anywhere in the world and even work from home, to help handle the call volume;  company employees, then, are able to devote more time to other tasks and focus on the business’ success.

TelePacific Communications, a provider of connect, cloud and business continuity solutions for SMBs, offers services to businesses who want to replace legacy systems with cloud based, fully managed hosted PBX solutions for increased productivity, to run business-critical applications and operations and sustain customer satisfaction.

Using a contact center for hosted PBX, allows “businesses [to] provide their customers with consistent, responsive availability that can drive significant increases in effectiveness at the same time they reduce their CAPEX and OPEX,” explained a post yesterday. TelePacific Communication has recently presented its new, fully managed hosted PBX solutions that can be a “viable communication solution for fully hosted and premise-based IP PBX/PBX environments.” This solution caters to the needs of businesses that want to connect seamlessly with their customers and build continuity protection into their call center operations. The solution is convenient for many companies as it can integrate with existing technology and, therefore, does not cause additional infrastructure costs.

TelePacific believes its Hosted PBX equipment can increase productivity and benefit any organizations thanks to its geo-redundant network, its predictable operating expenses, its high voice quality and advanced features. To meet the needs of various customers, it offers three standard levels of functionality (basic, standard, and premium) for telephone exchange. 

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