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New PBX Launches on the Cloud and on the Cheap

June 20, 2014

By Miguel Leiva-Gomez - Virtual PBX Contributor

If there's one thing you can learn from venturing into the cloud, it's that not everything that's enterprise-friendly comes with an enterprise price tag. This week, an Australian VoIP provider called SIPTalk launched a product named OnPBX which, as its name suggests, is a cloud-hosted private branch exchange (PBX) service allowing businesses to get enterprise-level telephone services with the pennies they find inside their shoes.

This product, particularly targeted at small, ambitious businesses running tight ships, costs just under $25 per handset month and nothing more. There aren't any setup fees, and calls around Australia will cost nothing on top of what you pay each month. The Gold plan ($39.95/handset/mo) includes unlimited fixed to mobile calls. If you plan to make lots of international calls, you might want to go for the unlimited calling included in their Platinum ($49.95/handset/mo) plan.

To sweeten the deal, OnPBX is eliminating the cost of setting up and maintaining a dedicated office phone system with the myriad of cables that tangle when you're not looking.

Raaj Menon, CEO of PCRange, the folks backing SIPTalk, said, “OnPBX helps to reduce phone costs, a major expense for most companies, and to improve customer service through better communication. Rather than relying on a fleet of mobiles, business owners can now use SIPTalk OnPBX to run a centrally-controlled, affordable, and feature-rich phone service for their organization.”

Cloud-based PBX systems allow small businesses to get everything they need up and running within a few minutes without any of the infrastructure that a traditional PBX requires. It's scalable, easy to install, and costs less than your typical home phone. For perspective, a “Home Phone Pinnacle” plan on Telstra will cost about $85 per line per month and have slightly less features than OnPBX's Gold plan.

If you don't have your own hardware, SIPTalk can provide it. High-quality handsets can cost you from $169.95.

For Australia, this smells of competitive edge. It is essential for small businesses to use proper phone systems that make them look like actual working companies rather than a bunch of folks with a laundry list of phone numbers. SIPTalk is ready to provide enterprise-class hosted PBX services for a very low asking price. It's a wonder if you don't just get up and snag the deal.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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