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Wheelings & Dealings: One Source Networks Acquires StarView

June 13, 2014

By Dan Latu - Contributing Writer

Virtual PBX and cloud-based communication systems are truly becoming mainstream in teh business world. One of the fastest growing technology firms in Austin, Texas—One Source Networks—just grew even larger this week with the acquisition of StarView Solutions LP. Named as part of the Austin Business Journal’s Fast 50 this past year, One Source will take on all of fellow Austin firm StarView’s operations, employees, suppliers and clients.

One Source Networks is a global telecommunications provider for large enterprises that operates through a cloud-based, single network virtual PBX system. With a focus on total global accessibility for an enterprise, OSN operates wholesale with a company as its single provider.

Taking on StarView will mean an immediate increase of two billion annual voice minutes, 14 million peered DIDs, relationships with over 100 new suppliers, and advanced automated voice provisioning and DID management capabilities. OSN will also gain the industry experience of veteran Chris Griffin who has worked in senior roles at CenturyLink and Verizon over the past 20 years. All gains stand to accelaterate OSN’s capabilities, traffic volume, and industry connections.

StarView Solutions LP specializes in wholesale VoIP and DID services and take place domestically and internationally. StarView, like OSN operates with a cloud-based system, but similarities do not stop there.  With an emphasis on single-network operations, Ernest Cunnignham, CEO of OSN, went so far as to say the companies share a similar “philosophy” in their commitment to “the simplicity of one contract and one invoice.”

Customers of StarView will immediately feel the rewards of the acquisition with access to greater data, managed services, and advanced voice services. Customer support capabilities and diversified product options will come directly from the expanded access OSN will provide.

OSN’s acquisition of StarView stands to accelerate their business into even greater capabilities and operations, making it a firm to watch.  

Edited by Alisen Downey



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