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Fixed Mobile Convergence + Virtual PBX = Match Made in the Cloud

March 07, 2014

By Michelle Amodio - Virtual PBX Contributor

The benefits to business of fixed mobile convergence (FMC) include the ability to use single handsets for both mobile and fixed-line calls, and the ability to cut call costs by only paying for more expensive mobile calls when the handset is not in range of the corporate private branch exchange or other routing device.

It’s common to find more and more companies that do not have a fixed workplace, varying from home office to a business desk across town, so the “fixed” part might make things a little difficult. This is when a virtual PBX can help things out. A virtual PBX convergent solution makes the mobile phone a fixed and mobile line for employees. No matter which number a caller dials, it will be answered on the same phone.

Some employees are constantly on the phone and therefore their mobile is not the most practical solution. Additionally, virtual PBX supports soft-phones that can be installed on a PC.

For all the different cases, employees can configure dual ringing so they can take the call both on their mobile and on the second phone. They won’t miss a call even if they left their desk.

AireSpring is one company that recently added FMC to its cloud hosted PBX offering, thus highlighting how perfect a match FMC with virtual PBX are. According to the company’s announcement, the solution known as Accession Communicator allows users to transfer live calls mid-stream between multiple devices (such as desk phone, PC softphone, iPhone, Android smartphone,, iPad or Android tablet).

A virtual PBX reduces the running costs because there is no need for mobile subscriptions with monthly fees for each employee. Additionally, phone calls between employees are free. In addition, employees that work on customers' premises or are on a business trip are easier to reach at no additional cost.

Combining virtual PBX with fixed-mobile convergence has other advantages for operators: they can strengthen their customer retention by offering their corporate customers a full-service telephony solution with only one invoice for everything.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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