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Nextiva Ranks in Top 5 PBX Providers List

November 26, 2013

By Michelle Amodio - Virtual PBX Contributor

Business VoIP provider Nextiva made ranks for the fourth quarter of 2013 in’s quarterly PBX providers list.

Nextiva’s combo of features, power and reliability helped them rank alongside other business VoIP providers for core business concepts that are most helpful to businesses, including its starting price of $19.99 with no contract or set up fees.

Business VoIP, particularly in its hosted form, is a sound choice because businesses only need to make a nominal investment in telephone sets that are compatible with VoIP. There are no operating, maintenance or upgrade costs to worry about.

Systems like Nextiva’s also offer flexibility, a necessity for a system needed without constraint. It can expand or reduce based on the situation. If resources become tight or the number of employees needs to be decreased, this can easily be accommodated, and in times of growth - it is quick and easy to scale up without incurring massive costs or disruption to the business. This gives organizations the ability to immediately make changes and scale up or down with fluctuating business needs.

Nextiva has also been reviewed as one of the best hosted PBX providers, a technology that is extremely beneficial to businesses, regardless of size. 

Hosted PBX means your company can easily connect remote offices together and maximize the power telephone systems. Callers can remember one number but be directed to employees around the world without any extra effort.

Moving to new premises usually means a growing business. With a hosted PBX system in place, you can also easily add new staff extensions and voice mail without a technician’s visit.

The growing adoption of VoIP makes it easier for companies to employ more features in their phone systems. The increasing recognition of a need for efficiency with lower costs within an organization is an influence that's helping to drive the acceptance of VoIP in the business world.

Nextiva is ranked among providers for its ability to offer business VoIP in a competitive way.

Its business VoIP services are changing how businesses communicate. With its low costs, the convenience and portability and advanced communication features, Nextiva’s business VoIP benefits everyone from small offices and large enterprises.

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  Unlimited Calling & Faxing
  Number Portability
  Auto Attendant
  Instant Conference Calls
  HD Voice Quality