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Demand for UC and Virtual PBX Attributed to Need for Improved Efficiency

November 04, 2013

By Susan J. Campbell - Virtual PBX Contributing Editor

The global marketplace continues to seemingly shrink the world with new technologies that bring us all closer together. With so many different channels to choose from, however, it can get messy when collaboration is driven through disparate platforms. For this reason, unified communications continue to be in high demand.

For all intents and purposes, unified communications (UC) is the centralization of various communication applications onto a single platform. UC generally encompasses email, instant messaging, voice, video conferencing, IP telephony and other channels to enable quicker execution and delivery of any business process.

The virtual PBX is gaining more attention in the Unified Communications space as it streamlines multiple platforms across the network and keeps all maintenance and support with a single provider. By moving these costly and time-consuming activities outside of the organization, businesses can focus on fostering those long-distance relationships.

This ramped-up approach to communications then allows for enhanced collaboration for faster business decisions across the organization. The growing availability of high speed broadband for interested companies is also helping to drive the adoption of Unified Communications. As enterprises continue to make investments in this space, technology vendors are finding new markets.

At the same time, there is a growing need for organizations to share information within the organization and with global partners. Users can closely connect with geographically dispersed enterprises with video, audio conferencing and web conferencing services. As these organizations continue to search for innovative methods to do more with less, the use of UC technologies fits with their long-term strategies; helping to drive the further increase in demand.

The “Global Unified Communications Market Report 2013 – 2018,” conducted by Transparency Market Research, outlines the need among global operations to improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness while also controlling expenses. As unpredictable economic conditions continue to color many a strategic plan, the incorporation of technologies that streamline collaboration across all channels and for all audiences is gaining attention. 

The same is true for the virtual PBX as it provides the necessary backbone for the adoption of various UC technologies. By leveraging a communications server maintained and supported by a third party through a monthly charge, these organizations can focus on driving revenue and completing business processes instead of communications technologies. Such benefits are continuing to drive demand throughout the global market.

Edited by Alisen Downey



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