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Nationwide Telecom Strengthens Customer Service to Better Provide Wholesale Services to Global Clients

October 04, 2013

By Mandira Srivastava - Virtual PBX Contributor

In order to offer continuous service access to global telecommunications wholesale carriers, Nationwide Telecom, a provider of internet telephony solutions, has ramped up its customer service measures. The company has pushed its customer service team to exceed international standards while providing wholesale services to clients, organizations, companies, and enterprises.

“Our team delivers a wide range of wholesale services to clients and ensures a 24/7/365 approach to customer service. Our success lies in the fact that we have phenomenally increased the number of our clients in the recent years,” said a company spokesperson.

 Nationwide Telecom offers many services, ranging from call back services, VoIP PBX, and IP telephony. The company offers DDI origination services and comprehensive VoIP DID to prepaid calling card service providers, carriers and more. The company’s services have even been assigned to Internet Phone service providers, enabling individuals to enable different numbers from various locations across the world.

Nationwide Telecom’s VoIP termination service offers both reliability and high-quality termination. The company currently offers a discount price on large volumes, however there is no requirement for a monthly subscription. Along with this, the company offers hosted billing solutions, as well as residential and business VoIP services like IP PBX, IP PBX, VoIP billing solution, IVR solutions, and Hosted VoIP billing solutions.

In addition to VoIP termination services, the company also offers wholesale switch partitioning, which supports a reliable, intelligent, and secure billing and switching platform, allowing telecom companies to partially rent out data control switches. It supports TDM to TDM, VOIP to VOIP, and TDM to VOIP. Finally, the company is also known for providing effective and enhanced wholesale solutions in Post Paid/Pre Paid/ Pin less Access Based VoIP services.

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