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A Head in the Clouds isn't Always a Bad Thing: The Benefits of a Virtual PBX

February 11, 2013

By Jamie Epstein - Virtual PBX Web Editor

Before I delve into the types of PBX’s used these days, let’s first define what this acronym stands for. Public Branch Exchange (PBX) is in essence a switchboard system that once required a whole lot of constant attention and patience to remain running efficiently. Yet today as companies simply don’t have the time to waste to closely analyze and update these systems, many firms are turning to IP PBXs, also known as an Internet Protocol PBX, which depends on the Internet to function accordingly as opposed to a landline.

VoIP is an essential element of this technology and because of the advantages it can enable any organization to see like a much richer quality of communications overall in addition to increased productivity, companies throughout the globe are now traditionally using either an on-premises IP PBX or a hosted PBX that also goes by a virtual PBX and a cloud PBX.

In a recent article featured on CloudTweaks, it was revealed that “cloud technology refers to simple cloud-based data storage. So, with a cloud PBX, all of the data of your PBX system is stored online in a cloud data system. When you decide you want a virtual PBX, you first need to find a VoIP service provider that offers cloud PBX options. Once you have contacted the service provider and set up a phone plan, the service provider can start your plan right away. You can control your cloud PBX through any Internet-enabled device, as long as you have all of the login information for your PBX account.”

Although with an on-premises IP PBX organizations are required to buy the hardware to begin to utilize this next-generation platform, they also must join hands with a trusted SIP trunking provider than can enable them to both send and receive their calls from numbers coming from outside of the actual office. Virtual PBXs on the other hand, are solely run and managed by a VoIP service provider such as Nextiva, allowing firms to cut costs related to storage, hardware and software.

“With cloud PBX services, business owners can get as many extensions as they need, each with unlimited calling in the US. Customers will also have access to the full range of standard VoIP features like auto attendants that act as automatic operators, and hunt groups, that allow business owners to set up groups of extensions (like accounting, sales, etc.) so that calls can be sent directly to a specific department, “ the piece added.

Nextiva can now only cut rates seen on long distance calls that will slash your bill by nearly 80 percent, but its team of VoIP specialists can help you truly understand all the capabilities included within your new product that when leveraged can help you meet customer demands now and in the future.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli


Key Benefits

  Unlimited Calling & Faxing
  Number Portability
  Auto Attendant
  Instant Conference Calls
  HD Voice Quality