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ITP VoIP Enhances Portfolio with Virtual PBX and More

August 14, 2012

By Rajani Baburajan - Virtual PBX Contributor

ITP VoIP, a provider of Internet phone services, has recently revealed that it has enhanced its hosted PBX offerings to now include a virtual PBX and a number of other features, allowing businesses to see an array of benefits from a VoIP phone service and hosted PBX that are seamlessly integrated in one package.

The company provides PBX solutions for businesses as well as home phone users. The hosted PBX offerings from ITP VoIP includes an array of capabilities such as conference calling, call forwarding, individual extensions, call recording, and simple online management. Users can add a virtual PBX, auto attendant or toll-free number for a small fee.

A  PBX phone service simplifies the overall communications infrastructure in an organization. It consists of a central phone number from which all external phone calls come in. Calls that are received by this number are then redirected to internal lines, thus making the PBX highly useful to organizations that have multiple departments.

The PBX generates switches between users and makes the respective connections possible. When a user hangs up, the virtual PBX terminates the connection. For tracking and compliance purposes, PBX systems also support call statistics and metering.

The higher cost and complexity of traditional PBX systems have prevented wide adoption of these systems, according to ITP VoIP. With the advent of VoIP phone services however, the scenario is changing. The virtual PBX system can work alongside any computer and can be accessed by anyone within the network.

Virtual PBXs powered by VoIP are software-based. The software is much cheaper than the PBX hardware, meaning that the PBX phone service now requires only a very small initial start-up investment. With VoIP-based PBX services, even small businesses are able to leverage the benefits of PBX and other advanced features. '

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Edited by Jamie Epstein


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