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Growth in Use of Virtual PBXs Continues

October 19, 2011

By Jamie Epstein - Virtual PBX Web Editor

Itec Chief Operating Officer Ryan Miles has revealed that small to medium-sized companies in South Africa are continuing to transition to virtual PBX platforms.

In a recent article, Miles commented that smaller businesses in the country are late to jump on the virtual PBX bandwagon due to several limitations, including being able to find cost-effective uncapped or high-cap ADSL services. But, as bandwidth prices continue to be reduced, yielding much more rapid and less expensive mobile broadband services, virtual PBXs are quickly becoming the go-to option for smaller businesses, a trend that will continue to gain popularity over the next two to three years, Miles added.

“Telkom’s control over the last kilometer is one final major obstacle to cloud-based PBX solutions,” he added. “Once that starts to fall away, the cloud model for PBXs becomes more attractive since companies will be able to source their line, PBX and data services from a single supplier and will probably no longer need to pay for the rental of an analogue voice line.”

Once businesses gain access to these innovative virtual PBX platforms, they will be able to see many advantages such as decreased costs, enhanced ease of use and a simple way to streamline all communications needs of a business.

Additionally, various functionalities exist in virtual PBXs that enable SMEs to utilize all of the features that are only typically offered through an enterprise-class PBX, without being required to purchase extremely costly equipment. Some of these capabilities include caller ID, voicemail, find-me and call routing.

virtual-pbx contributor Susan Campbell recently reported, “VoIP plans don’t require any hardware on site that must be managed by the customer. Implementation is easy as the virtual PBX leverages broadband connections and Internet connectivity to deploy. “

 “Voice telephony is one of those business services that an SME simply cannot afford to do without, which means that they need to plan carefully and stress test any new system they put in place,” Miles said in a statement. “They must also do the math to ensure that a cloud-based PBX will in fact be cheaper than their old systems once telephone line and bandwidth costs are taken into account.”

Jamie Epstein is a virtual-pbx Web Editor. Previously she interned at News 12 Long Island as a reporter's assistant. After working as an administrative assistant for a year, she joined TMC as a Web editor for virtual-pbx. Jamie grew up on the North Shore of Long Island and holds a bachelor's degree in mass communication with a concentration in broadcasting from Five Towns College. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

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