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Business VoIP is Easy to Move and Maintain

December 14, 2009

By Stefania Viscusi, Assignment Desk, Content Management

Businesses of all sizes have made the move to VoIP phone systems today for better, more cost-effective communications.
For both large and small businesses, using VoIP technology to place and receive calls over the Internet is less costly and offers advanced functionalities not available through traditional landline providers.
Aside from cost savings and increased features, VoIP phone systems are easy to maintain, move and expand.
Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP systems don’t require any hardware or software to maintain on-premise.
Not only do hosted providers take care of all maintenance and day-to-day operations of the system, but when it comes time for a business to move locations, or add more lines, the hosted provider helps make that transition seamless for the business.

Because VoIP uses the Internet to operate, businesses can simply plug their phone systems into a high speed Internet connection at any location to make use of the phones.
Aside from a planned move or staffing adjustments, the ability to easily move phone systems to various locations, like a home office, can be beneficial if unexpected disruptions to the primary office occur. In this situation, users can move the phone to another location without customers ever knowing the difference.
Nextiva, a provider of unlimited VoIP calling plans makes it possible to replace traditional phone services with affordable, reliable business VoIP.
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Stefania Viscusi is an assignment editor for virtual-pbx, covering voice and Voice over IP technologies. She also oversees production of virtual-pbx's e-Newsletters in the areas of Internet telephony and speech technology. To read more of Stefania's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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