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Nextiva Business VoIP: A Higher Quality Phone Service

December 08, 2009

By Stefania Viscusi, Assignment Desk, Content Management

VoIP technology has advanced communications capabilities today by making it possible to place and receive call over the Internet.
Not only are those calls less costly, but advanced features help business users to better manage their communications and compete in today’s marketplace.
One key benefit of business VoIP phone systems is higher quality phone services. This can be attributed to the use of digital technology which offers increased sound quality compared to phone services of the past.  
To ensure high quality calls happen, businesses should dedicate bandwidth for voice calls that is separate from the bandwidth used from the Internet. This can help to prevent any disruptions caused by heavier traffic loads on the Internet.
There are service provider options to consider when choosing a VoIP phone service, to ensure high quality is never a concern.

Nextiva, a provider of unlimited VoIP calling plans makes it possible to replace traditional phone services with affordable, reliable business VoIP.
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Stefania Viscusi is an assignment editor for virtual-pbx, covering voice and Voice over IP technologies. She also oversees production of virtual-pbx's e-Newsletters in the areas of Internet telephony and speech technology. To read more of Stefania's articles, please visit her columnist page.

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