Business VoIP Featured Article Names Business VoIP Provider Nextiva as its 'Provider of the Month'

July 02, 2009

By Patrick Barnard, Group Managing Editor, Business VoIP, a Website that ranks hosted VoIP services in order to help business owners make an informed decision, has awarded business VoIP provider Nextiva as its “Provider of the Month” for July 2009.

"Nextiva has proven to be a leader not only in quality of service, but in price, support and value," said Michael Jones of WhichVoIP in a release. "Nextiva received this award based on an evaluation of the quality of its overall VoIP service offering. This included a rigorous in-house test drive by WhichVoIP. In addition to this, positive feedback from site visitors regarding sound quality, reliability, feature set, value for money, customer service, and ease of setup, contributed to Nextiva receiving this award.”

Indeed, Nextiva is a business VoIP provider that takes great pride in its customer service. The company knows that it very often takes a leap of faith for a business owner to migrate to VoIP – and as such, it extends a helping hand and offers a “consultative approach” to help business owners make a smooth transition over to VoIP technology.

“I have not experienced another phone company that brings as much value as Nextiva,” one customer wrote on the WhichVoIP Website. “I have one phone line and two phone numbers I use with them. I pay $30! The friendliness and knowledge of their staff has blown me away. Hold times have been very low and my email requests are answered fast. This company is deserving of top ratings for all categories mentioned.”

“My experience with Nextiva's service kicked off on a good note when I got a courtesy welcome call from their team thanking me for joining,” another user wrote. “It was not a long call and they weren't trying to sell me anything....something you don't see too often. Thankfully they were able to port my number. Two other providers I was looking at told me they couldn't port my number. Jumping from the analog world to digital was wise. I'm a fan of how I can manage my account from the online control panel. Probably the best thing about Nextiva (even though most of the other things are great) is the fact that they have a good support department that's not outsourced. I can't stand how I call every company/vendor and they outsource their support. As a business owner, the idea of outsourcing does not make much sense to me and it’s nice to see that the people that pick up the phones for them don't read off a script all day long.”

“Nextiva has been perfect,” another customer wrote. “The fact that they have a person helping me with the setup and know what they're talking about is huge. I've told a few companies in my building about them and switching to them was simple. The sound quality has been really good and so has the customer service. Two very important things for us and the reasons for why I recommend them.”
“We are excited to be awarded as the top business VoIP provider by WhichVoIP," said Yaniv Masjedi from Nextiva, in the release. "It's our commitment to our customers that has driven us to be recognized as being the best. WhichVoIP is a respected Internet authority on VoIP and we are honored to receive this award."

In addition to its superior customer support, Nextiva has differentiated itself from the competition by offering a high quality service and competitive prices. In so doing the company has positioned itself as one of the leading business VoIP providers.

Nextiva’s award-winning business VoIP service offers features and functionality found on much more expensive, premises-based enterprise phone systems, such as voicemail, dial-by-name directory, advanced auto attendant, “find me follow me,” call conferencing, and the ability to play customized greetings automatically based on time of day, day of the week or time of year. The company’s SaaS-based Connect360 service includes the VoIP phone lines – which can help companies reduce their telecommunications costs by as much as 80 percent compared to traditional phone service – or companies can opt for Nextiva Connect, a virtual PBX service which adds advanced PBX functionality to your existing phone service.

Patrick Barnard is a contributing writer for virtual-pbx. To read more of Patrick’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Patrick Barnard



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  Unlimited Calling & Faxing
  Number Portability
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