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Vyopta Offers Educators Newfound Visibility

February 04, 2021

By Maurice Nagle, Senior Editor

Education is experiencing an overhaul. The past 40 years has seen quite the evolution of technology in the classroom – from VHS and PC to remote learning capabilities. Adoption of remote learning technology is not new, but the global pandemic propelled the deployment of these solutions to support distance learning, and protect students, faculty and administrators from COVID-19.

Vyopta unveiled a new tailored monitoring and analytics solution for Google Meet to address service assurance needs of Corporate, Healthcare and Educational environments.

"While Vyopta's dedicated offering for Google Meet will benefit many organizations, we expect the analytics capabilities to make the most significant impact on virtual education, particularly in relation to attendance tracking," said Jonathan Sass, Vyopta's VP of Product Management.

Using education as our example, Google Meet is a popular tool to for schools to enable distance learning. When paired with the Vyopta Collaboration Intelligence, school systems can take a deep dive into UC metrics, and explore the quality of end user experience. Schools can go quite granular, breaking down metrics by class, grade levels or subject, for example.

A seamless experience for students results in eager engagement, adroit attendance and empowers teachers during these unorthodox times.

Sass continued, "Educators will now be able to demonstrate not only that classes took place, but that students were logged on and participating in their lessons. Participation is directly linked to quality of experience; if you aren't able to validate what the experience was, and it goes unreported, then user adoption or attendance can decline drastically."

Administrators can leverage newfound visibility with comprehensive reporting, delivering insight into program performance and assist in improving the efficacy of remote learning initiatives.

UC metrics matter.

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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