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Evolve IP Announces Arrival of Integrated Business Messaging

September 18, 2020

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

It is an era of work anywhere. Even before COVID-19 struck, the workforce was moving in a distinctly mobile, more remote direction. The pandemic put a premium on WFH capabilities, and communications and collaboration providers are answering the call.

This week, Evolve IP announced the arrival of a fully-integrated SMS / business messaging platform for its Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution enabling team members the ability access to messaging through Teams or Web browser from their business phone number.

Evolve IP brings together Microsoft Teams Direct Routing and Cisco VoIP communications platform to provide advanced voice and collaboration services. With the newly announced solution in place, companies can stop reliance on personal phone numbers to conduct business, reduce security and compliance risk, increase engagement and revenue opportunity through a unified communications and collaboration solution.  

“As convenient as it may be, businesses would prefer that their employees weren’t texting clients, prospects, and other associates about company business on personal mobile devices. Unfortunately, with the situation that most businesses are in today, that has become a mainstay for how business gets done,” said Scott Kinka, Chief Technology Officer of Evolve IP. “Evolve IP’s business texting solution, integrated directly into our Microsoft Teams, enables organizations to take advantage of the speed and convenience of texting, while providing the oversight and security that’s required by enterprise businesses.”

In the gamut of business communications, mobility is not optional. Today, anywhere is the office, and Evolve IP is here to help.

How are you supporting your remote workforce?

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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