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Study Uncovers Global Shift in Future of Work for Tech Employees

August 13, 2020

Long before COVID-19 and global shutdown orders for social distancing put into place, leading-edge tech companies were already allowing their employees to work from home, log in, and collaborate with their coworkers while on the road. They even hired talent that was geographically distant for their skill sets.

Now, with much of the rest of the world catching on to the benefits of remote working and so many more offering it for their staff, the tech industry is experiencing another more profound shift into the future of work.

According to a recent study by HR tech company Remote, 79 percent of tech employees in the U.K. said they would move to another country or state if they could keep the same job and connect virtually.

Before the pandemic, remote work was a perk and used for times when traveling or other logistics required working from somewhere other than the office. This was in addition to in-person office time for many. Now, however, tech employees are ready to take things to the next level.

They know more employers are open to it, and the benefits are abundant, so why not get an even better life experience by  moving to another country or region. All while still being able to have a good job once only offered in a bustling, downtown area for example. 

The "Global Workforce Revolution" study also found that with 67 percent of the tech employees, they surveyed believe people should be entitled to a great career regardless of where they grow up and live.

"For years, tech companies have been at the forefront of conceptualizing the workplace of the future - whether it’s innovative workplace designs, office perks, generous stipends, or other professional development opportunities,” said CEO and co-founder Job van der Voort.

“While the tech industry has made small steps towards flexibility, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven a huge shift in mindset among how employees and business leaders view location and the future of work. Our survey shows how the tech sector can establish the blueprint for moving to a fully-remote work setup that will ultimately deliver tangible social, economic, as well as employee hiring, retention, and business benefits.”

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