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VoIP Partnership Empowers Financial Firms with Cloud Communications

November 07, 2019

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

For financial firms, there has been a shortage of choices for telephony. Traditionally, trading firms that selected a hosted voice solution were challenged with managing two voice systems – a trading turret system for traders and a UC solution for support and admin staff. That ends now.

VoIP Networks and Wesley Clover Solutions announced the arrival of an industry first; a unified, cloud-based telecommunications system for financial traders. No more do financial have to fight the fight posed by dual telephony solutions.

"VOIP Networks is an experienced communications provider, positioned very well to help new and existing customers transition to cloud and hybrid cloud solutions," said Terry Matthews, chairman of Wesley Clover International Corporation. "This new level of partnership with Wesley Clover will enhance that position further. We look forward to continuing our long relationship with VOIP Networks and together meeting the evolving needs of financial services customers."

The foundation for the solution is Mitel-powered unified communications, and firms embracing the offering will enjoy features like line sharing, bridging, call twining, voicemail, voice recording, Hoot & Holler as well as intercom. Industry-leading trading turrets are paired with soft endpoints and office phones, making anywhere the office. The system is scalable, redundant and secure, whether you choose complete cloud migration or a hybrid solution.

"The separation between office systems and turret trading systems disappears," noted Chuck Reagan, President & CEO of VOIP Networks. "Financial trading firms can enjoy all of the benefits of a unified communications system across the country or the globe. And, because it's in the cloud, we can build in an unmatched level of redundancy and reliability."

The cloud is empowering a new day in communications, and for financial services firms life just got a little easier as a result.

Are your communications in the cloud, yet?

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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