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Fastcall Protects Productivity with Call Blocker

August 26, 2019

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

The FCC expects that almost half of calls made to cell phones in 2019 will be spam illustrating nearly 50 billion robocalls were made last year alone.  When we are at work, we are at work and productivity is top priority.

Fastcall announced the arrival of a new feature – Call Blocker. The newly unveiled feature enables users to block unwanted c alls such as spam and robocalls with the click of a button on the user interface.

Fastcall CEO Richard Rosen, said “Fastcall is dedicated to giving salespeople their time back. If 47.8 billion robocalls were placed last year, and if each call only wasted 20 seconds of seemingly inconsequential time, that means that more than 265 million hours were wasted last year because of largely unwanted inbound calls. That’s more than 1M hours per working day. Our new Call Blocker feature empowers salespeople by thwarting these unwanted distractions and giving them more time to sell.”

Once a number is blocked, the Fastcall user will never be bothered. Blocked calls will be logged but will automatically end once identified. Powered by Twilio, the Call Blocker tech allows Fastcall users to get back to their duties.

“Robocalls are a timely and important topic that affects anyone with access to a phone line," said Scott Fallon, vice president of Product Marketing, Twilio. "We’re proud to be partnering with Fastcall to make a difference in the lives of salespeople and the bottom lines of their company. Powered by Twilio, Fastcall is offering businesses phone communication tools and features - Call Blocker being a prime example - that just aren’t possible with a traditional desk phone.”

One of the few things in life we can never get back is time. For businesses of all shapes and sizes, lost time is a cost they can ill afford.

How does yours organization protect productivity?

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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