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Nextiva Newest Member of Telarus TrustedSky Alliance

February 21, 2019

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

A lot of pressure is placed on cloud communications providers to deliver reliable, scalable, secure and feature-rich, omnichannel solutions. Innovation will empower these future-forward solutions to further evolve communications, but it is partnerships proliferating popularity and adoption.

Telarus’ TrustedSky Alliance announced its newest member, Nextiva. The cloud communications provider joins a group aimed at delivering partners and customers with the optimal communications experience.

“We’re excited to be a member of the TrustedSky Alliance, which will empower Nextiva partners to enhance the customer experience,” said Carl Katz, vice president of channel sales for Nextiva.

How is the TrustedSky Alliance able to ensure exceptional performance? The TrustedSky testing service, a web-based network testing and diagnose platform, gives customers a jumping off point for their UCaaS journey. More specifically, the tool provides visibility into quality and capability of the network.

Alliance members and partners can leverage this armory of tools to accelerate provisioning and deployment for cloud communications solutions.

 “The service is relatively simple but powerful,” said Karie Huzzey, channel manager for TrustedSky. “With the click of a link, users can temporarily turn their machine into a VoIP testing device that can send test calls to beacons installed in data centers. The test VoIP packets created by the end-user’s PC ride along the same path as a ‘real’ VoIP packet, traversing the entire network and recording the result. Based on this simple ‘pitch and catch’ test, TrustedSky lets the user know if they should call their IT department, their ISP, and/or their hosted VoIP provider for assistance. This helps the end-user reach a quicker resolution, shortens the support cycle, and keeps the hosted VoIP providers service queue to a minimum.”

Selecting a cloud communications requires robust vetting. Trusted partners make this process as painless as possible. The appropriate tools deliver the expected results.

Are you communications in the cloud, yet?

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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