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How Business VoIP Gives Insights into Data

August 10, 2016

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

The word on the street if you want to stand out in your market is Data. The more data you have and the better resources you use to make sense of that data, the better position you’ll be in to outsmart the competition and deliver exactly what your customers want. But did you know that you can get a wealth of valuable information from your call data?

Business VoIP solutions provider, Nextiva recently posted a blog on the topic, stressing the benefits afforded with Nextiva Analytics. Using this tool, business VoIP customers can easily compare the activity of different teams, locations, individual users and call volume to evaluate performance in each of these key areas. The use of call data, for instance, is a great way to leverage smart predictive scheduling.

To that end, administrators in the business VoIP environment can look at the number of outbound, inbound and missed calls for a specific period. If a team experiences an increase in the overall call volume between specific hours, this information can then be used to best determine staffing levels. Breaks and shift changes are then scheduled during times of lower call volumes. This allows for better scheduling and even adherence.

This value-add in Nextiva Analytics also provides or a business intelligence tool, which offers insight on how one location compares against another. By showing where one team shines compared to another team, management has the information necessary to assign projects to the right team at the right time. Plus, teams can be staffed according to skillset and workload for the best outcomes.

Management can also use the tool to dive even deeper into different departments, such as sales. The overall performance of the team can be correlated with talk time, the number of outbound calls completed, the number of inbound calls received and then other metrics that may be applicable to a particular team. Using this information, management can create some fun challenges to the individual teams, helping them to improve their numbers overall.

The day-to-day activities of the technical support department can also be easily analyzed using the business VoIP solutions provider’s analytics tool. By comparing the number of calls a department takes per day, management can identify key trends that can inform decisions around staffing, break times, scheduling, etc. It’s a great way to determine the number of individuals needed at a given time, as well as performance of the team overall.

With access to this kind of data, there’s no telling what an organization can accomplish. One thing is for sure – they’ll have much better insights into proper scheduling and sales achievements to better hit their goals. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle



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