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How Business VoIP Can Help Drive Customer Satisfaction

January 13, 2014

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

It’s a new year, which means you have a new chance to make something amazing happen for your customers. Are you planning to take advantage of the new beginning, or staying the course so as to avoid rocking the boat? We’re sometimes scared to ask customers what they think of the service they are receiving, but we might be surprised at the answers.

A recent blog posted by business VoIP provider, Nextiva explored three ways you can make your customers feel special in 2014. The first recommendation is to check in with the client base and ask how they feel about the service they’ve received. Ask what they love and hate about the business, what you did right and what could have been better.

If yours is a business-to-business environment, make appointments with your clients to do a health check in person. A lunch outing isn’t a bad idea, as long as you keep in mind that one lunch isn’t enough to secure a loyal customer. That loyalty is born of great customer care and value for the dollar spent.

The business-to-consumer environment is a little more complicated when it comes to measuring outcomes. You can look at the bottom line, but that doesn’t really tell you whether or not your current client base is experiencing the desired level of satisfaction or if they would prefer additional attention, products or services to achieve a higher level of satisfaction. They may enjoy the attention of a “customer of the month” initiative or even focused attention on your social media channels.

The main point here is that companies are readily popping up to offer the same products and services you have used to dominate the market. Even in the business VoIP space, new brands are hitting the market every day. It can be a challenge for consumers to separate the quality from the fly-by-night and if a lower priced offering comes along that seems to be positioned at the same level as what your company is offering, how will you stand out in terms of value?

Business VoIP users certainly enjoy the lower cost and streamlined approach to communications, especially if it helps them stay better connected with their own customers. Plus, given the low cost of staying in touch, it’s easier to keep those customer relationships a priority and drive engagement in a way that it builds loyalty to your brand.

If you can also include multiple channels in that business VoIP communications strategy, there is a much better chance you can drive customer engagement on a personal level. Social media, for instance, allows for personal and immediate interactions. The key is to make those interactions a priority. Business VoIP allows this to happen, ensuring you can drive more revenue simply by paying attention to the customer – not a new concept, just a proven one. 

Edited by Alisen Downey


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