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How Business VoIP has Evolved to Meet Next-Generation Needs

December 10, 2013

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

The evolution of any type of technology is good for business, as it opens up new opportunities for connectivity and innovation. Voice over IP (VoIP), for instance, was first tested more than 30 years ago, yet it is just now finding its stride in the global marketplace. As Telx Telecom announces a new and improved hosted business VoIP solution of its own, let’s take a look at how this technology has evolved to the level of high quality it is today.

One of the first VoIP concerns that emerged in the market at large was whether or not the technology could deliver the same level of quality and reliability users had come to expect from the traditional landline. Users were unsure about the predictability and reliability of the call’s quality. While the technology seemed to perform just fine in LANs where all software, phones and hardware shared the same wires and there was little to no competition for bandwidth, the story changed if the call went elsewhere.

The same experience didn’t carry over into the WAN and the experience became far more unpredictable. One of the strengths of the IP network is its error detection and correction technologies, which ironically makes it unsuitable for the voice connection. To make business VoIP actually work as expected IP has to adapt through protocols and voice packets have to be given priority on the network and across the Internet. Fortunately, quality and predictability have improved considerably to ensure VoIP can flourish throughout the marketplace.

Now that predictability and reliability challenges have been overcome, organizations in the for-profit and non-profit sectors have been adopting in groves. As VoIP is often built on open source architecture, integration opportunities throughout the marketplace exist. This means implementing business VoIP in your environment is a simple process and the technology will work with your current deployments.

This reality is one of the reasons Telx Telecom is enjoying healthy growth. The company is delivering on VoIP expectations across South Florida, providing the solutions customers need to efficiently stay connected. Whether it’s a one-man-shop catering to a solid base or the growing organization seeking to optimize connections with an in-house customer care team, VoIP allows for the expansion of current operations to include a new focus.

Plus, the extended capabilities for the business deliver considerable benefits beyond what is generally affordable with the traditional landline. For instance, the business wanting to expand into another industry can do so without setting up a new location. All calls can be handled by the same virtual PBX.

The point is VoIP has come a long way in just a short time, reaching a level where companies trust the technology and rely on it for seamless integration and operation. 

Edited by Alisen Downey



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