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How Virtual PBX Allows Businesses to Run from a Browser

December 05, 2013

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

Talk of the virtual environment has come up around many an office water cooler. For some, that means daydreaming of the possibilities afforded with working in their PJs, never having to navigate the morning commute. For others, it’s a separation from the coloration and camaraderie they have come to know and love in the busy office. If a company has more of the former than the latter, virtual PBX could help in transitioning to a whole new world of operation.

The virtual office does not work for all people, but it does offer considerable flexibility for the right team. The technology advancements available today mean companies no longer have to wait until they have the capital or the investors in pocket to establish a physical location. If the professional has access to a broadband connection, he or she can launch a company and experience considerable benefits.

A recent WhaTech article took it one step further, suggesting that a company can run and stay viable with access to nothing more than a Web browser. At first glance it seems this approach ignores the important access to the phone line – until you remember the possibilities available with VoIP. Virtual PBX allows access to VoIP communications directly through a PC or laptop so the business owner or end user can leverage seamless communications and even video conferencing technology with just the click of a mouse or push of a tab.

Consider the technologies that offer access through the browser, including Microsoft, Google, Dropbox and more. While we once thought only Skype was a peer-to-peer communication strategy, so many other tools are available to remove the significant investments that were once necessary to run a business. Platforms no longer need to be downloaded, allowing the business owner to leave all data and solutions in the cloud, relying on the communications provider to support and maintain the system.

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The use of VoIP and video conferencing right from the browser allows for the proactive use of innovative technologies that were once only available to the enterprise. Plus, advancements in WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) support enable video and audio to be delivered through Web applications without requiring the download of any specific software or plugin. The call connection can be initiated in the browser, connecting two endpoints and streamlining the capture of the information during the call.

As such, the ability to run a company from the browser does exist, creating a whole new world for those who truly want to work from the virtual office. Whether or not PJ’s are part of the wardrobe, the reality is the business can launch and operate without significant technology investments and put forth a professional appearance in the market. The only challenge left to overcome is whether to purchase individual water bottles or install a water cooler at home. 

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