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8 Business VoIP Myths Debunked

November 18, 2013

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

The benefits associated with business VoIP have long been touted by those who offer the service. At the same time, forums and blogs continue to focus on the current misconceptions surrounding the technology. For those who have not implemented voice over IP, it can be confusing to separate the true benefits from the preconceived notions to get to the truth about the technology.

Here, we’ll borrow some insight from Whatech to explore eight common misconceptions surrounding VoIP so you can make an informed decision.

1. Poor Sound Quality

Sound quality issues can occur on any phone line, regardless of the supporting technology. The key is to ensure there is enough bandwidth to support traffic on your phone system and that the device in use is a quality device. Proven VoIP providers will offer a variety of protocols and codecs to ensure the delivery of HD sound quality.

2. VoIP Only Benefits the Enterprise

While it’s true the enterprise can save considerable cash when implementing VoIP, the benefits are available to even the residential consumer. There are a variety of VoIP services, plans and providers, all of which have something to offer.

3. Installation is Just Too Hard

If you have an Internet connection and you know how to plug in a phone, you can implement VoIP. Configuration is rarely an issue as devices come preconfigured and ready to go.

4. Circumstantial Savings

VoIP providers can offer substantially lower rates on all calls as you’re sending voice data over the Internet. They may also offer free calling between two users of the same service. Service is generally provided with a low monthly fee.

5. Upgrades are Too Expensive

Flexibility and scalability are two of the prominent benefits to VoIP. Users have a variety of service options to choose from and upgrading generally just means you select a different payment plan for extended services.

6. It’s Unreliable

The business VoIP connection is as reliable as your Internet connection. If you don’t have problems with power outages, service interruptions or latency, you won’t have these problems with VoIP.

7. Security is an Issue

Business VoIP is actually safer than landline phones as it is less prone to security leaks that the traditional line. Ultimately, however, the security on the VoIP connection is dependent upon the security on the network. Fail to make the investment there and you will have problems.

8. VoIP Isn’t That Different

VoIP connections can actually allow for seamless integration with a number of applications, features and functions that aren’t available for landlines that significantly improve efficiency. It is also drastically cheaper than traditional services.

Myths continue to abound where VoIP is concerned as people tend to believe plausible suggestions about things they don’t understand. Check your source and do your research before deciding whether or not business VoIP is right for you.

Edited by Alisen Downey



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