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Why Small Businesses Are Adopting Virtual PBX

November 07, 2013

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

Small businesses are making a switch in their communications strategies, adopting virtual PBX instead of paying highly monthly bills for landline connections. The improved quality and lower cost of VoIP is delivering benefits across the board to companies of all sizes, demonstrating that the analog signals of yesterday are on their way out.

One of the biggest challenges for traditional landlines is the fact that analog phone systems use up the total bandwidth of the phone line, even if no one is talking. This is why phone bills are so expensive. By contrast, the digital VoIP signal is packaged into smaller pieces of data, creating less noise to send across the connection. Using less bandwidth produces more efficient calls, which means bills come in at 50 percent to 80 percent less.

The features available with the virtual PBX also exceed those that tend to be delivered with the standard line. The small business can gain access to the auto attendant, voicemail features and call routing that would have added to the bill in an analog environment. It also helps that the entire backbone of the communications system is maintained and supported by a company focused on consistent service. recently published a list of virtual PBX companies that are preferred by the majority of small businesses, not just for the technology, but also for the improved customer experience. After all, users are searching for a lower price, but they don’t want to sacrifice the experience. The way in which the provider serves the customer base, which includes the disposition of the agent in the customer service center plays into market share for these providers.

The companies that made the list include Jive, 8x8, Mitel AnyWare, Alliance Phones, and Nextiva. This last virtual PBX provider offers the flexibility and support the small business needs when it comes to hosted communications. The month-to-month solution offering allows the small business to take the solution for a test drive without significant commitment.

The contract free service offered by Nextiva is priced at just $19.95 per month. There are no setup fees, no hidden fees and no cancellation fees. At the same time, its customer support team is completely based in the U.S., which means no offshore support with an agent that may be hard to understand.

Nextiva is focused on the customer experience and the ways in which they can extend solutions that better fit with the needs of the users in the marketplace. As such, expect to see them on a few other top provider lists throughout the telecommunications space.

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