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Business VoIP Helps You Sit While Remaining Fit

January 28, 2013

By Jamie Epstein, Business VoIP Web Editor

A great benefit of business VoIP, besides its cost effectiveness and ability to ramp up productivity of course, is that it enables employees across the world to access important data and files from nearly anywhere with a reliable Internet connection and at anytime. While we jumped head first into the New Year almost a month ago, many peoples’ resolutions to improve their health in 2013 have already been erased, but with business VoIP in hand, it is much easier to keep fit as you are no longer physically tethered to your desk.

According to Julia Valentour, a health and fitness specialist at the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in, “Immobility is your enemy. People were not meant to sit still for hours on end. You should get up and move around for at least five minutes of every hour to keep your mind alert and your body healthy.”

Thus, business VoIP provider Nextiva has taken the invisible bull by the horns and outlined four key steps in a recent blog post that will help you get healthier while remaining just as efficient while on-the-go thanks to voice over Internet protocol (VoIP).

1.       Remove your butt from your chair at least once every hour. Whether it’s a quick lap around the building you work in or just a trip to the bathroom at the end of the facility rather than the one mere steps away, taking a quick walk will actually help ramp up your metabolic rate by nearly double, as reported by

2.       Work out a little without ever going to the gym. If you have a few minutes in your busy day to spare, try an alternative work out routine by lifting either free weights or even something that weighs a significant amount such as a stapler in as many reps as you can handle. This can even be done while on the phone, as long as it’s audio only of course. The also advises removing your chair at your desk and replacing it with a fitness ball, which could help you get more toned while not really doing anything other than sitting up straight.

3.       Don’t eat during your lunch break; instead take a quick paced jog or just a relaxing walk. Designating 15 minutes from your lunch hour to getting fit will help you to get your blood a’flowin’ and your adrenaline a’pumpin’. Remind your body that it needs to remain in tip top shape by making it a point to use a portion of your break to do some kind of exercise each and every day without excuses.

4.       Have to commute? Do it with your two feet. If you are lucky enough to work close enough to your job where you can bike, walk or run—then do it. Even if you take the train or a bus, walk around the area where you are getting picked up until they arrive to burn those unneeded and unwanted calories.

Nextiva focuses on delivering “amazing service” to its wide customer base, because like Yaniv Masjedi, vice president of the company says, “every single day we focus on amazing service because we know we can’t always be the innovator in the industry and the reality is customer service is key.” Needless to say, the company knows that a more health conscious individual is likely to be happier overall. And this healthier/ happier lifestyle wouldn’t be possible without business VoIP being the vital, next generation tool it is.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo


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