2011 Buyers' Guide


2011 Buyers’ Guide

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The Buying Decision for 2011: On-Premises or Hosted'
The next fiscal year begins soon for many organizations, and they are figuring out how, in today's challenging economic climate, to best provide customer-retaining/attracting quality service while decreasing costs and improving the bottom line via their contact centers.


Buying Decisions 2011: Buying BPO Successfully
Deciding whether or not to contract out (e.g., outsource acquiring, qualifying, selling, surveying, serving, supporting and/or collecting from your customers) and, if so, to which firm(s), is one of the most critical decisions you can make. That is because the contractor, which is becoming popularly known as a business process outsourcer or BPO, will be representing you, on your behalf.


Buying Decisions 2011: Frost and Sullivan's Dawson on Buying WFM/WFO Solutions
The literal heart of the contact center is its people, namely the contact center agents as they enable the customer relationships and in doing so obtain the maximum value from these individuals and organizations.

Innovative Solutions

Every Minute Counts: Are you getting the most out of your web-generated leads?
The passage of time poses a real problem in the sales world. A couple quick ticks of the clock can mean the difference between acquiring a new customer or losing it to a competitor. This time crunch is further amplified on the Web, where users expect even greater immediacy. While it may not be uncommon for organizations to wait days to respond to Web-generated leads, it is certainly detrimental to their ability to qualify and convert those leads.


Publisher’s Outlook

Gaming Google with Bad Customer Service
The story explained that the more horrible the customer service level, the more complaints were generated…


Before Making Your Contact Center Wish List…
This is the season where individuals-and organizations such as contact centers - make their wish lists. Yet, with budgets…


Make Social Media Work for You, Identify the Alpha Males in Your Community
In other words, businesses should seek to identify their most influential customers, ensure they are made aware of the latest products and service enhancements, and let them spread the word virally. Not only is it easier for businesses, but the opinions of peers and family members are likely to have a greater impact on outliers and potential new customers.

Ask the Experts

The Value of Blending eServices and the Contact Center
In the contact center, particularly, successfully meeting the demand for such eServices comes down to effectively managing electronic channels and the routing, monitoring and reporting processes behind them. First, though, decision makers must determine the right eServices channels to deploy and when to deploy them. They must staff agents accordingly. In blending eServices into their contact center operation, decision makers should understand the dynamics of eServices themselves, if they hope to fully realize their value.