InfoCision's Steve Brubaker on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


InfoCision's Steve Brubaker on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Brubaker has long been active in the BPO industry via the American Teleservices Association (ATA) and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA)…

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The Contact Center Evolution
If you had walked into a contact center five years ago, chances are that you would have seen agents sitting at workstations with PCs, phones next to the monitors and wearing corded headsets with supervisors listening in from their posts: perhaps on raised turrets overlooking the call floors.


BPOs: Doing More With Less
To cut costs clients are focusing more than ever on their core competencies, which has led more of them knocking on BPOs' contact centers. At the same time they are seeking more in the way of service and quality from BPOs at competitive pricing so that they can retain and attract more of their clientele and maximize the value from them: with the limited resources available.


Energizing The Employees
At the same time employees are the most expensive facet of contact centers. Labor costs represent 60 percent to 70 percent of operating expenses and account for nearly all of the technology and infrastructure costs that are spent to support their activities. Contact centers are therefore focused on maximizing agent and supervisor productivity.

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Outsourcing For Success
Outsourcing contact center tasks to the right partners - BPO (business process outsourcer) firms that excel in people, process and technology - can generate significant bottom-line results. For these outsourcing companies' success depends on how well they can make their clients' programs successful. Yet to make this happen require close coordination between the clients and the BPO providers…


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Anana Enables Social Networking Dial-Tone
It was only a matter of time - after all, it has permeated so many aspects of our lives…


Curing the Pareto Illness
One of the most serious illnesses to strike organizations is the Pareto Principle: the notion that 20 percent of customers…


Winning Business Means Knowing What Customers Are Saying
The relationship between customer and vendor… it's the key to a successful business. In fact, most successful companies spend significant effort and budget dollars engaging their customers, ensuring their customer relationships are well-managed, and coaching and training staff on best practices for ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Success with Remote Agents - Is Not so Remote
Two words and one very viable solution: remote agents. With IP technologies and the new breed of centralized all-in-one IP communications platforms, a company of any size and located anywhere can deploy remote agents with as little as a high-speed Internet connection, a computer, a phone, and a quiet environment in which an agent can work. As importantly, most all-in-one platforms also provide the real-time monitoring and reporting tools supervisors need to view remote agent activity, at all times.