Interior Concepts Equips The Next-Gen Contact Center


Interior Concepts Equips The Next-Gen Contact Center

The next-gen contact center is one that is multichannel and multimedia, flexible, cost-effective and focused on ensuring performance through effective, work-enabling design…

Feature Articles

Call Center Technology

Dialing In Conferencing
Conferencing tools make home-based and mobile working and utilizing informal agents such as subject matter experts feasible by permitting such personnel to participate in this knowledge imparting from anywhere, aided by expanding broadband networks which enable high quality experiences.

CRM, BPO & Teleservices

Employing CRM
Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) have to work smarter, not harder than their peer-level and enterprise-scaled competition to survive and grow in today's and tomorrow's economy. For that reason they are seeking effective, versatile and affordable methods that can uncover new revenue opportunities while enhancing existing customer relationships and at the same time saving them time and money to be more profitably used elsewhere. And that means they are employing CRM solutions for selling to businesses (B2B) and increasingly to consumers (B2C).

Operations and Management

Designing the Next-Gen Contact Center
The next-gen center will utilize software that can show them what their new environments will be like, which will give them an opportunity to suggest changes that can be then incorporated instantly to portray what it would look like instead.

Case Study

Making Multimedia Work
This is now is changing thanks to a wide ray of factors including broadband to homes and mobile devices that are making chat, e-mail and SMS popular and the need to seamlessly integrate self-service with live agent interactions to deliver high quality customer-retaining experiences.

Awards and Recognition

TMC Labs Innovations Awards Part II
Two-thousand and ten marks the 11th anniversary for the prestigious TMC Labs Innovation Awards, where TMC Labs reviews dozens of applicants and chooses the most unique and innovative products and services.