RightNow Takes U.S. Government to the Cloud


RightNow Takes U.S. Government to the Cloud

The Obama Administration has made it clear that it wants to “do more with less” i.e. maintaining and developing federal programs, such its economic stimulus package and health reform at lower total costs. Cloud computing is one such solution to government needs. This method greatly reduces capital and IT expenses over premise-based solutions while offering superior flexibility and scalability…

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Call Center Technology

Prescriptions for Support
Help or IT support desks are organizations’ including contact centers’ “IT emergency wards”, providing quick, timely and accurate diagnoses, fixes, patch ups, prescriptions and referrals to keep them going and productive. Yet they are “cost centers”; they have no opportunities to drive in revenues unlike many customer-facing service and external tech support desks. They are therefore under pressure to keep expenses down.

CRM, BPO & Teleservices

Which Shore to Land On?
If contact center decision makers or their clients seem a little undecided as to where to land their new centers or programs they have good reason to be. The factors affecting site selection and outsourcing have become much more complex. Access to Spanish-speaking agents; union, public image and political considerations; and cultural affinity, agent performance and customer retention issues now reside with labor cost, compliance and telecommunications considerations.

Operations and Management

Rethinking Recording
This summer may be the opportune time for contact centers to take a renewed look at their recording strategies. If their organizations are switching over from PSTN/TDM to IP, which will require in most cases buying new recording tools, it makes sense to utilize this occasion to rethink how they want to use recordings.

Special Focus

Social Customers Are Your Customers: Just Ask nGenera
Skeptical about the value and ROI of tapping into customers via the social channel? Don’t be. None other than nGenera, a leading customer experience management solutions firm believes that there is a need and market for products to enable contact centers to tap into customers via social media. nGenera’s (www.ngenera.com) nGenera Customer Interaction Management (CIM) division has included social channel access including social self-service and community management in nGen CIM 9, announced March 31.

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Innovative Solutions (InfoCision Management Corporation)

Selling Smart in Trying Times
There is no question we are navigating some choppy economic waters. Businesses have become far more cautious and mindful with their spending, and consumers have followed suit with their purchasing. Times are tough. Money is tight. And, as a result, we’re all trying to be a little smarter.

Case Study

Communicating Through Disasters
The pathway to effectively avoiding, and that is not possible responding to and recovering from disasters – is accurate and timely communications with employees, clients, patients and customers. As the following examples illustrate, these terrifying events can be successfully planned for with the right solutions.