Social CRM Insights


Social CRM Insights

The social channel via social media such as Facebook posts, Tweets or social collaboration sites are changing customer relationships–social CRM. The customers are in charge, and are influencing each other in their buying decisions in a way that has not existed on a large scale since the early 20th century when word of mouth served as the primary product and service information channel.

To help contact centers understand what social channel/social media and social CRM is about and what is happening with them…

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Staying on the UC Wave
UC draws its momentum and force from several key sources. It enables improved customer service and retention via presence: the ability to determine availability of and to connect subject matter experts who can readily and directly solve customers' problems. It makes external and internal collaboration such as via conferencing and IM easier and less expensive by having everyone on a single platform as opposed to installing and supporting multiple applications.


Unlocking the Feedback
The key to meeting customers' needs and obtaining their loyalty and business both directly via sales from them and indirectly through referrals to others such as social media, is by listening to them and analyzing their comments, i.e. obtaining the voice of the customer, or VOC. The notches on the door that enable it to be opened on the insights within are carefully-crafted questions cut by enterprise feedback management (EFM) software, delivered by voice, e-mail or web and increasingly text-based surveys to customers and employees.


Demanding Customers, Demanding Skills
Contact centers must then make the time and money available to seek out and train those agents, located in employers' premises but increasingly at their homes, with the necessary talents to meet the needs of today's rightfully demanding customers. And while staffing and training properly is expensive, it is a bargain compared with the lost revenues when customers spend less or go to competitors.

Awards and Recognition

18th Annual MVP Quality Awards
Each year, award nominees represent the best of the outsourcing community, setting new standards for service quality and customer care by integrating the latest technology trends with time-tested practices for exceeding customer expectations.


Publisher’s Outlook

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Two Sides of Social Media
There has been an incredible volume of discussion about the role of social media in the business world, it's hardly surprising one can't find a common answer to the question. The one consistent response, though, is that social media should have a role.

Ask the Experts

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Case Study

Cleaning Up Issues With Mobile CRM
Mobile CRM applications are not just for sales reps that are on the go. They are becoming vital tools to identify and resolve issues anytime, anywhere that results in increased customer satisfaction and business.