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July 22, 2014

Webinar - Real World M2M Connectivity Solutions or 'The Sixth Sense' About Sensors

My friends and I constantly say that the only things capable of causing aggravation are people, places, things, and situations. When it comes to the IOT (Internet of Things) — or M2M as I still like to call it as I like to focus specifically on the business process side — the same aggravations can occur.

We always talk about the many times IT development implementations fail, which is reported to be as great as 68%. On July 29th at 2 PM EST, Systech (News - Alert) Corporation’s Robert Lutz is going to present a Real World M2M Connectivity Solutions webinar that will help uncover the root cause of these failures.

Robert points out that M2M in the Real World has six key components.

  • Devices, including sensors and modules
  • Local Connectivity like Zigbee, Ethernet, etc.
  • Gateways that aggregate and transmit to
  • Internet Connectivity, such as cellular or wireline
  • Cloud Server (and Services)
  • User Applications (e.g., dashboards and integrated Business Intelligence)

As you can see, in moving up the stack from the physical plant to the user interface there are ways to become lost with regard to where problems come from and how to eliminate them. The webinar will offer a forum for interactive discussion with the intent of providing development options that can help ensure the success of your M2M solution. Development guidelines will be discussed to assist in the selection of specific technology solutions.

Robert Lutz’s (News - Alert) webinar will provide significant benefit to people who need to develop best practices, as well as to those who might be part of the 68% and are working to get the system back on track.

The Real World M2M Connectivity Solutions webinar will supply you with deep insight into the essential components of M2M architecture and M2M communication technology options.

Also, webinar participants will benefit from a wide array of example M2M solutions based on market vertical, including implementations of Building Automation, Energy Management, Security / Surveillance, and Mobile health. These examples will have parallels that you can draw on for whatever implementations will suite your needs.

I hope you will join us for our Real World M2M Connectivity Solutions webinar with Robert Lutz and, more importantly, I hope you do so before you become part of the failed 68%.

Edited by Adam Brandt