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September 05, 2013

Webinar - Mobile Security is Evolving Quickly - App Management is Now Top Priority

There is now no disputing that, as a result of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon (which is here to stay whether IT likes it or not), cloud computing and virtualization, and the growing ubiquity of broadband wireless access in the enterprise as well as when people are on the move and/or working remotely, we are already in the Mobile Enterprise era. And, while the benefits of a mobile workforce are easily understood, the level and complexity of risk management this imposes on enterprise IT departments is ratcheting up very fast. 

In fact, securing corporate data that is at rest and on the move has become foundational for success when going mobile. Doing it well can to say the least be a challenge. Risk mitigation in mobile enterprise is about managing people, their devices, the apps on those devices, the need to separate personal and business content, the issues associated with accessing third-party content on popular cloud storage services like Dropbox (News - Alert), and the networks upon which so much mission critical data is exchanged.  

What has become apparent as enterprises become more mobilized and virtualized is that few organizations have been able to clear the security hurdles to truly protect themselves. IT departments are more than aware of the issues and the fact is that, as a result, thousands of apps built by Fortune 500 companies go undeployed. Why? Because most companies don’t yet have standard security approaches in place for mobile apps and data.

The good news is that there are new methods available for moving security into the critical piece of the puzzle, the applications. What these accomplish is removing dependence on hardware. With app wrapping, security travels with the app - and with the data - wherever it goes. In short, it is more secure.

On Tuesday September 10 at 12:00 PM EDT, you are invited to join the webinar I will be moderating, “The Evolution of Mobile Security.” Join me and Gartner Principal Research Analyst Dionisio Zumerle, Adrian Turner, CEO of Mocana (News - Alert) and Matt Carrier, Mobile Security expert of SAP as we discusses the evolution of mobile security, the emergence of app wrapping and other new technologies that just might - finally - unleash the real potential of enterprise mobility.

Topics to be covered include:  

  • What is driving the changing need for mobile security
  • Different containment techniques including app wrapping
  • How to add security at the application level to provide consistent, replicable security controls
  • How to provide safe mobile access to business apps

Understanding the vulnerabilities that need to be contained as the enterprise goes increasingly mobile, particularly in regards to securing applications and the data that is exchanged when they are employed, has become a top IT concern. As we all know, it only takes one bad app to spread contagion that can cause havoc on operations and destroy brand reputations in minutes. These can be exploited by the bad guys or even be inadvertent. What they need to be is managed and the webinar is a great place to find out why, and how, given the growing urgency for IT security professionals to find and deploy the right solutions.

Edited by Alisen Downey