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July 03, 2013

Webinar - Three Ways to Leverage Speech Analytics

Speech analytics is a very powerful solution that was discovered almost a decade ago after the commercial world realized how these solutions can help expand their marketing efforts and increase the benefits seen across the entire business landscape.

Today, these solutions have advanced and are now capable of performing multi-channel analytics, which allows organizations to analyze every conversation or interaction between an agent and customer on every level of communication including social media, e-mail, Web and of course, voice. CallMiner (News - Alert), a provider of speech analytic solutions, has created a variety of educational webinars in an effort to help organizations understand how to leverage and utilize these innovations.

At its next webinar called ‘3 Ways to Leverage Speech Analytics for a Better Customer Experience’, Gus Doulaveris, CIO at CBE and Brad Dellit, Speech Technology Analyst at CBE, will share insights on successfully integrating speech analytics and three key ways the technology has allowed the company to deliver more value for consumers and clients.

Key focus areas of this webinar will include:

  • Risk mitigation and adapting to regulations
  • Brand protection and customer retention
  • Change management and quality assurance

CBE Companies is a BPO organization and the parent company of CBE Group, CBE Customer Solutions, and Argent Account Acquisitions. With over three years of experience using speech analytics, CBE Companies is one of the most advanced users of the CallMiner Eureka platform, according to CallMiner.

The  Research and Markets latest report says that speech analytics are expected to continue to outperform most IT sectors, as its services can help companies become more successful, along with a growth rate of 22 percent in 2012, 20 percent in 2013, 18 percent in 2014, and 16 percent in 2015. With speech analytics gaining power and momentum, a webinar like the one CallMiner will host on July 30, 2013 proves to be of special value for businesses. 

To sign up for CallMiner’s webinar, please visit its webinar schedule.

Edited by Jamie Epstein