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May 17, 2013

Webinar - Leveraging Video Conferencing On-the-Go and On the Desktop

Video conferencing has completely changed the way in which businesses interact with clients located throughout the world. It is no longer required for employees to hop on the next flight out of their nearest airport in order to speak with a customer; rather they can just turn to their conferencing solution of choice. In turn, expenses related to travel are all but eliminated, yet the intimacy that occurs when you are able to look into the eyes of the person with whom you are conversing with is not affected whatsoever.

As all types of conferencing including Web, audio and video are being adopted at a rapid pace by enterprises looking to expand their footprint while keeping their competitive edge. The latest trend within this space currently being seen is the use of this offering via a mobile device. Complete with the ability to hold a high quality conversation from anywhere an employee happens to be, mobile video conferencing comes with its own share of challenges ranging from interoperability and a significant upfront investment to a sometimes less-than- friendly user experience.

The above mentioned reasons are why some companies have still yet to jump on the video conferencing bandwagon. Afraid that something could happen during the conference that would cause their client base to shrink, global workforces are now demanding more information in regards to how they can start leveraging this type of next-generation platform from all types of devices as well as the pros and cons of each solution currently on the market.

Luckily, BlueJeans in conjunction with Forrester (News - Alert) Research are here to save the day and will be powering a not-to-miss webinar on May 21, 2012 at 10 a.m.PT/ 1 p.m. EDT titled, “Preparing for Impact: How to Manage the Explosion of Desktop and Mobile Video Conferencing.”

The videocast will highlight the ways in which video conferencing can prove advantageous for a business in virtually any industry and important elements to consider before implementing the product. Philipp Karch, an analyst at Forrester will be on hand during the exciting event. Karch has tons of expertise related to collaboration, office productivity, and the positive affect newly released technology is having on the workforce experience overall.

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Edited by Ashley Caputo