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February 19, 2013

Webinar - WebRTC's Potential and Future

While WebRTC is still an emerging technology, its impact can already be seen. After all, with it, one can send messages, videos, files and more without needing any plugins or downloads -- what’s not to like? As such, it’s also changing the way communication is viewed.

Already we’re beginning to see WebRTC grow and expand. Firefox and Chrome have revealed browsers that can communicate without any plugins or chat configurations, while Microsoft (News - Alert) has been trying to spread its own platform. Once the standard is set, even more will take off.

Who knows just how many devices will become WebRTC compatible? Right now, the assumption is most of them. It’s starting with computers across browsers, but developers will soon be able to connect televisions, smartphones, car systems and whenever they finally invent contact lenses that let you pull up virtual screens with a wave of the hand, it’ll probably connect with those too.

If you want to know more about WebRTC, there are a variety of sources. On Wednesday, February 20 at 12 p.m. EST, a good place to look would be the webinar “WebRTC: The Browser Speaks; Telco’s Listen.” Jatin Garg of Dialogic (News - Alert), along with Disruptive Analysis’ Dean Bubley, will host this webinar, and discuss the possibilities WebRTC presents and what it needs to succeed. One can register for the webinar here.

There’s so much potential in WebRTC, and we’re just starting to see what it can do. This brings us one step closer to the future envisioned in science fiction and the dreams of those looking at a far-off future, and personally, I’m looking forward to living in that future time.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey